Read the interview with Maes from Kelly

written by Kelly

Today’s featured artist is the extremely talented and successful, Thomas Maes.

Read his interview below and take a look at his wonderful artwork!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from?
I was born 1983 in Belgium and lived there for most of my life until I came to Greece 7 years ago. I always loved to travel end explore new things, I believe it is important as an artist to taste different cultures and be interested in whatever is available. Life is an interesting place to be, many things to learn and discover. (An unending source of inspiration)
Were you always interested in art? What sparked your interest?
As small boy I was already interested in art had some talent in it. Maybe a little from my mother’s side…(the talent) Already as a child I was making small sculptures, demontating old TV and electronic equipment that I then remounted to new drawn design…. To the big worries of my father, when I tried to put them in the electricity..;-).. not to forget that to his big surpprise most of the times they truly worked.. Hahahaha Later on also followed some drawing lessons as well as art history… But the true spark started when I came to Greece. Restarted drawing and sculpture got to know an art professor who inspired me a lot. Worked for a while for the archeology making detailed drawing from their finds. Until I started to make my first own exhibitions from paintings, sculptures and drawings, wherefrom I almost instantly sold all.


What medium do you enjoy working in the most?
woooo that’s difficult….. All!!! hahaha… I like to change from medium, try different ones and love to work with all of them!! Always open for a new challenge…
Is there a subject you find yourself painting a lot?
Mostly symbolic and surrealistic work. In my paintings I reflect subject of what goes on in our world, Reflected in a new parallel universe or world. Through symbolism I bring different aspects of problems and solutions to the front. So to make my viewing public to think for their selves and give them the freedom to discover. We live in a word full of surprises and interesting things, I like to inspire people to look deeper! I spent a lot of time in research and making design drawings for my paintings before touching any canvas.

Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?
I what ever my interest goes to that moment…. I remember reading in a book about the universe, reading about dark matter and dark energy. This made me think deeper in to many different aspects and making a painting about it. As well one time it was the people there desires a psychology that leaded to the interactive hi-tech painting the desires (published in the book international contemporary masters)
Can you describe your creative process?
I think the on top already includes that 🙂
Do you have any advice for young artists out there?
Been an artist is difficult you have to fight a lot, most in portent is to always stay believing in your self!! Stay doing what you do and be patient! But don’t forget that things don’t drop out of the sky!!! Art is a business and a business you have to manage!! And get from time to time out of your atelier to promote your work!!!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Work some more…. hahaha! if you want to reach something you do it a 200% Many think how, you are an artist you have a lot of free time…. NO in this job you are always working!!!! But if I have free time I go for a hike or coffee with friends….;-)
Anything else you’d like to share?
With this I would like to thank some of my artist friends and family for there support and inspiring me on my road!!!