Diamonds For Life

 8-2-2014   Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-111

Lighting the way for the future of fine art and design,

TM-ART Fine Arts International hosted an innovative and prosperous charity event at the royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp from the 8th to the 13th of February.

A great array of visitors marveled at the beautifully composed exhibition of fine art, design and jewelry. The Diamonds for Life (D4L) event raised funds for the Kom op Tegen Kanker cancer foundation of Belgium.

8 -2-2014   2 Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-18
Over 6 days and 2 VIP receptions, some 900 visitors crowded in from Meir Street to view carefully selected artwork by Gabriel Meiring, Thomas Maes and 13 other artists and craftsmen from around the globe. Among the exhibitors were the generous Alastair Laidlaw and Christine Marsden who donated one of their limited edition prints of Dreams of Diamonds, the world’s largest jewel & photography super-book. The book was sold, along with artwork by misters Maes and Meiring and some jewel work byMichielsen Manufacturing.

From Left: Gabriel Meiring, André Gantman and Thomas Maes pose in front of Oil paintings by Meiring
8-2-2014   Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-1010-2-2014 Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-269
Director Thomas Maes proudly opened the event and extended welcoming words to numerous ambassadors, mayors, ministers and other esteemed guests such as Minister Geert Bourgeois, Minister Annemie Turtelboom, Kristel Strubbe and Schepen Andre Gantman, who expressed their enthusiasm. VIP reception guests were delighted with the haute-cuisine dinner and service by Horta and many toasts were made. Live classical piano performances were composed and PLAYED by maestro Gabriel Meiring and a brilliant last minute addition, Ms. Evelyn Sagita Kauw.8-2-2014   Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-55d

Throughout the entire event, Grani d’Oro Café of Monte-Carlo offered diverse excellent, quality coffee beverages.
As proposed, this event provided an excellent stage for the participating artists, gallery owners, craftsmen and sponsors who gained much exposure and made solid connections throughout the VIP receptions and daytime visits. Guests and participants were thoroughly satisfied and continue to send praise to the TM-ART team for organizing and hosting this truly world-class event.
8-2-2014   Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-255

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