Mr. Jackson Owner of painting from Maes

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Mr. Jackson New owner of a painting of Thomas Maes at The Villa Oxygen.

TM-Art Fine Arts International

We are proud to announce that from 1 July 2013 our new company will be officially launched:
TM-Art Fine Arts International
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Founded by Painter, Sculptor and designer Thomas Maes, TM-ART International combines the experience of over 40 global exhibitions, involvement in 7 art books and multiple art magazines as well as art blogging and web publishing.
TM-Art aims to aid fellow artists and art dealers to expose their artwork throughout the international art market, thus helping both emerging and established artists and gallery owners to connect, gain recognition and make art sales.
This team of art visionaries is devoted, passionate and highly active. Between organizing art expo events and auctions, connecting artists to buyers, art appraisers, art press authors and art printers , facilitating art negotiations contemporary as well old masters, creating exposure and media publicity, and general art business guidance and assistance, you may find many solutions and endless opportunities with TM-Art.
Our website will be fully online from 1 July 2013.
More you can find also at all our sosial networks;
Youtupe: under construction
Thomas Maes in the Art book International Contemporary Masters:
Artprice: Under construction
Fine art America:
Maes art book: under construction:
More comming soon…
For VIP invitations to our upcoming events, Auctions, private VIP vernisages…
Pleas Mail us your address to;
Thomas Maes
Director TM-Art Fine Arts International
Jennifer Dick
Assistant Art Director
TM-Art Fine Arts International
Art Expertice and consulting:
Art History Consulting / Management: Dr. phil. Barbara Aust-Wegemund