Maes at art Monaco 2013

*Maes will donate funds from his auction to The Belgium Cancer foundation (Art against cancer) as well as 10% of his sold works will go to the Cancer foundation

PAININGS - CULPURES - DESIGN - AUCTION, GOOD CAUSES MAES AT MONACOMaes will auction one of his works for the good cause!Maes at Monaco, ART MONACO 2013A harmony between Art, Nature, color, light, science, Technology and design

April 25th, 2013 – Monaco, Monaco

Thomas Maes @ The International Art Fair Art Monaco 2013
Thomas Maes will give at Art Monaco 2013 an exclusive fine art exhibition with Paintings-sculptures-design.

* Maes and Monet will share a booth during Art Monaco

* Maes and Monet will also host an auction together to donate one of their paintings for a great cause!

*Maes will donate funds from his auction to The Belgium Cancer foundation (Art against cancer) as well as 10% of his sold works will go to the Cancer foundation.

* Princess Angelique Monet will donate funds from her auction to a Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative and the Funds to assist Young People and the Arts. Funds will be given to “bonafide” schools in Africa, and the fund to provide fiscal support for artist living in third world countries with great stories and ideas.

* Maes and Monet will enjoy being featured on Nothing On Television TV
Be most welcome at this most exclusive and luxury event.

Info Fair:

With a reputation known for its artistic caliber and transcendent setting, Art Monaco is pleased to announce its forthcoming edition taking place once again from April 25th to the 28th 2013. Art enthusiasts and luxury lovers will coincide with one another only to meet in one of the world’s most equidistant artistic regions to celebrate the new extraordinary edition of the contemporary art show in the French Riviera – Art Monaco ‘13. Being hosted at what is known to be the “Playground for the Rich and Famous”, during four days Monaco will be enriched with some of the most sought out for distinctive art that will merely compliment the beauty and breathtaking scenes that the Principality is so well known for. Art Monaco ‘13 will invite recognized and established galleries as well as emerging ones from all regions around the globe and will be able to expose and sell their art in the most sumptuous setting. The occasion will allow the forthcoming of all individuals to gather around in a social hub with some of the most influential and renowned individuals of our time. Specialized in media, galleries, cultural institutions and art critics; Art Monaco ’13 will be adding to this year’s event many more revelations that are sure to be quite the show stoppers. The setting will take place with an innovative and vibrant scheme creating a welcoming yet illusory gathering point for the general public, art fanatics and the young and old alike. With over 3.500 art pieces being exposed for exhibition and sale, it’s an opportunity not to miss for those eager to purchase or sale some of the most remarkable art collections around the world or simply to allow yourself to get taken aback by one of a kind inspirational creations. A VIP reception on April 25th, 2013 will kick off the event, followed by three full days of vernissage-style exhibits open to certain exclusive individuals as well as the selective public




Princess Angelique Monét Wikipedia Page

Nothing On Television TV – YouTube Channel

Artisan Festival International: World Peace Initiative


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