Thomas Maes

Image Thomas Maes’ works exhibit a rare virtuosity which is instantly striking. An expert colorist, the artist’s paintings evoke the abstract canvases of Joan Miró as well as turn of the century Symbolism and even Surrealism. His images are an amalgamation of the natural world with an architectural bent, in which geometric structures connect with amorphous forms. His arrangements are controlled, yet the elements float with a joyous and invigorating freedom. His painstaking technique of preparing his design for weeks and even months before he places oil on canvas is evident in his superb compositions. Maes’ oeuvre is wonderfully reminiscent of many movements in the visual arts, while resonating with musical harmony.   Born in Belgium, Maes draws his inspiration from his current home in Crete. His works are drawing the attention of international collectors, and his designs have appeared in a book on modern sculpture and are to feature in two more forthcoming books. The artist is influenced by a number of fields, including design, technology, architecture, and archaeology, as well as art history. His work has been shown in art fairs and will be part of upcoming auctions. AGORA GALLERY

Past Exhibitions

2007 Expo gallery Antwerp  (Belgium) 2007 Expo Kassos (Greece)

2008 Expo the Greek islands (kassos Greece) 2008 Drawings and photography works for archaeology (Greece)

2009 Expo TM-art Antverpia Brasschaat (Belgium) 2009 Gallery Show Chania Crete (Greece)

2010 Expo Chania Crete (Greece) Under the patronage of the embassy and consul of Belgium at Tm Expo Chania)

2011 Expo sculptures-paintings-design-photography Olympic hotels 2011 Expo sculptures-paintings Hermes

2011 Rome/Italy Under the patronage of the embassy of Belgium and Councillor Permanent Representation of Belgium to the Organizations of the United Nations at Gallery Tondinelli  in Rome, Italy

2011 International art festival Athens art Rethymno

2012 June Thomas Maes published in the book Contemporary sculptors, with 7 of his Design sculptures        (Schiffer books USA)

2012 Organization Art festival Athens-art at Crete Chania

2012 Published fine art magazine ArtIsSpectrum New York

2012 May Exhibition of Contemporary Art (International Exhibition)From figuration to the transfiguration – GALLERY FIDIM MILAN/ITALY         HISTORY OF ‘ART and ART CRITIC – PROF. DOMENICO DELNEGRO

2012 Maes published in Museum and Gallery Magazine ExpoArt with Written art review By art Critic and art historian Prof. Domenico Delnegro   Italy

2011-2013 representation by AGORA GALLERY NEW YORK                 VIEW PAINTINGS FOR AT ART-MINE

2012 July International Art Exhibition in Rome at Gallery Vista

2012 August Exhibition NEW YORK AGORA GALLERY Interpretive Realms

2012 August Maes & Meiring at ART NOCTURNE KNOCKE  Knokke/Belgium

2012 September-October SPOLETO FESTIVAL ART EXPO 2012 ITALY          International exhibition of modern and contemporary art          80 stands from whole over the world          Published in the magazine of deepening cultural literary fair 2012          And published two works in the catalog of SPOLETO FESTIVAL ART EXPO 2012

2012-2013 two exhibitions at New York USA Agora Gallery

2013 Published in fine art book INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS Vol 7 (2pages)

2013 Published in Art Book of Artist Wanted, ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE

2013 May Maes will donate and Auction one of is paintings for supporting the research against cancer at Belgium.

Thomas Maes

Sculptures- design always passionate by researching and discovering scientific and psychological subjects, studying problems and discovering new possibilities. Modern-classic sculptures out of many different materials. In a world full of hi-tech, I try to give the hi-tech some more soul and natural beauty, by designing and making them fit and in a more nature like environment.

In my paintings I reflect subject of what goes on in our world, reflected in a new parallel universe or world. Through symbolism I bring different aspects of problems and solutions to the front. Why symbolism? Because I like my viewing public to think for their selves and give them the freedom to discover. I spent a lot of time in research and making design drawings for my paintings. Of every painting always has been made first a design drawing. Some of my paintings can take weeks, even months, before I even touch the canvas.

PRESS RELEASE ROME GALLERY TONDINELLI Thomas Maes (Belgium), in the painting of the Belgian artist preferred theme is the dream of dialogue between man and the environment. The colors are pastel shades with delicate nuances, the forms are also and well delineated, the atmosphere is suspended between past, present and future. We are in another dimension to a parallel world that live suspended in a space that has its rules, its aromas, its lights. Us is allowed to access, just imagine, the artist takes us into the mystery of existence, thus calling into question the real world, his illusions-disappointments. Gallery Tondinelli


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