Maes at Roma

Maes at Roma

Under the patronage of
Embassy of Peru in Italy Embassy of Norway in Italy
Embassy of Belgium in Italy Embassy of Spain in Italy

Maria Pia BARBERI (PERU), Kristin Johanne BERG (NORWAY),

on the occasion of day of contemporary art promoted by AMACI, the National Association of the Museums of contemporary art in Italy
a cura di Costanzo Costantini and Floriana Tondinelli
Opening: Thursday, September 15, 2011 hours 19.00-21.00
Location: Gallery Tondinelli address: 128 Via Quattro Fontane, 00184 Roma-
Tel: 06 4744300 duration: 15 September-8 October 2011
Organisation and press office: Gallery Tondinelli Tel 06 4744300
Time: Monday-Friday 10.00-12.30 and 16.00-19.00 · Saturday October 8, 2011 opening extraordinary for the day of contemporary art promoted by AMACI.

Tondinelli Gallery presents from 15 September to 8 October 2011 the exhibition FRAGMENTS of LIGHT AFTER The 11 SEPTEMBER 2001-10 YEARS with Maria Pia Barberi, Kristin Johanne Berg, Thomas Maes, Teresa Picornell, a cura di Costanzo Costantini and Floriana Tondinelli. The day of September 11, 2001 shook everyone, not just the United States, the art is also a moment of reflection, this is the message that artists want to express, on the occasion of this exhibition, the artists chosen by the countries mentioned above are a representation of the fact that that incident has shocked the souls and the people ofaround the world.
The gallery was presented already in 2002 an exhibition in homage to the victims of the September 11, 2001, and on the occasion of the commemoration of 10 years is still heard the remembrance of that terrible moment, as well as hope that events so serious may not recur.

Maria Pia Barberi (Peru), born in Peru, when he was five years his family moved to Spain where he lived for more than ten years. His rich experience of travel has had a great effect on his artistic training. Back in Peru is greatly impressed by pre-Columbian art. The artist wants to join in his work, the Peruvian and European tradition. The themes of his works vary, but all have a common base emotional appearance, represent the soul or the essence of all humans who fight and seek the light.

Kristin Johanne Berg (Norway), the Norwegian artist has works exhibited in gallery a search made of details and color overlays, making an area varied. Momentum expressive tells the Norwegian landscape, as well as pale and rarefied atmosphere. It’s an informal air that represented by the artist where time stops and wraps everything it encounters. A restless beauty is one that clearly represents the artist, where the lights are Dim and every accent color defines the contours.

Thomas Maes (Belgium), in the painting of the Belgian artist preferred theme is the dream of dialogue between man and the environment. The colours are pastel shades with delicate nuances, the forms are also and well delineated,
the atmosphere is suspended between past, present and future. We are in another dimension to a parallel world that live suspended in a space that has its rules, its aromas, its lights. Us is allowed to access, just imagine, the artist takes us into the mystery of existence, thus calling into question the real world, his illusions-disappointments.

Teresa Picornell (Spain), the works of Teresa Picornell operating at Palma de Mallorca, want to tell us a story, a bridge between past and present. The artist who exhibited for the fifth time in Italy tries out in this latest cycle of works a new support, with new colours. Each work is an account of an experienced Interior, which the artist expresses through layers of colors and with a formal research linked to varied expressions. In this new cycle painting overlaps creating a wider dimension


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